Drug Studio AI Platform
The strategy of the Drug Studio AI Platform is to combine rapid design modalities with large-scale screening and precise calculations to efficiently obtain drug molecules with optimal comprehensive parameters.
AI-powered drug discovery solution has the capacity to facilitate the entire process of preclinical research for small molecule novel drugs.
Accelerated Start to PCC within 8-13 months
Start to clinical-stage trials within 28-30months
Technology Highlights
We utilize AI algorithms and tools in conjunction with independent intellectual property rights to efficiently generate molecules. With this perspective, we are able to optimize molecular properties from multiple perspectives.
Molecule OCR
Img2Chem® automatically extracts over 30 million real-world molecules from patents and journals.
Established dozens of structured databases for model training and optimization.
Molecular Generation
Interpretable molecular design strategies to explore the diversity of chemical space.
A million-scale library of target molecules has been generated for dozens of targets.
Patent Conflict Detection
Converting patent claims to structured data and achieving full conflict detection.
Filtering potential patent infringement molecules to proactively mitigate intellectual property risks.
Property prediction and ADMET screening
Predicting multiple molecular properties based on cutting-edge graph neural network.
Customized construction of diverse ADMET prediction models to achieve one-click operations.